Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by five main factors:

  • Quality
  • Ability to translate customers requirements into technical solutions
  • Speed of project delivery
  • Permanent communication
  • Price

We are confident in our ability and guarantedd high quality in our products and services. Our ability to understand customer's requirements is based on our experience and is reinforced by our commitment to maintain customer satisfaction. Our professional approach to project delivery ensures targets are met and progress is communicated throughout the complete project life cycle.

Dallya applies very competitive rates and the client is invoiced in phases after acceptance procedures. We typically define three phase concerning customer invoicing:

  • Technical design – Based on customer requirements, technical designs are produced by Dallya and sent to customer for approval. Technical Design documents describe in detail the product that Dallya would deliver. Through the review and approval process, the client ensures that the final deliverables address exactly their requirements and constrains. After customer approval of technical design document, an invoice representing 30% of contract value is sent.
  • Prototype – According to the technical design, Dallya develops a product prototype to be installed at customer premises. The client has the opportunity to check beforehand if the prototype complies with the initial requirements and respects the design document. Client feedback is received at this stage and is taken into account in further development work. There is no invoice at this stage.
  • Product release 1.0 – After the client approves the prototype, Dallya implements the first release of the product. This release is installed by Dallya personnel at customer premises. We do provide onsite product installation, configuration, environment tuning, demo, presentation and training. An agreed period is allowed for client to perform an UAT (User Acceptance Test) during which Dallya offers full support. After client confirmation that the product delivery has been tested and meets the agreed requirements, an invoice representing 50% of contract value is sent.
  • Warranty – A three months warranty period is offered during which Dallya provides full support. At the end of warranty period if the product is found fully compliant, the client will receive the final invoice representing 20% of contract value.

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